• ~Angel Wings~

    100th Hunger Games

    December 4, 2010 by ~Angel Wings~

    Ok, so I'm gonna make a fanfic about the fourth Quarter Quell (100th Hunger Games, blah blah blah) and I need tributes! :D There will, (of course) be a catch, but that's top secret for now. You can enter up to 2 tributes.

    If you want to enter a tribute, please either fill out the form below and post it as a comment, or create a character page for your OC and post the link to it in a comment.











    • Male: Golden Starr
    • Female: Harlequin Acan

    • Male: Thor Asthenwreath
    • Female: Maysilee Finn

    • Male: Ethan Wire
    • Female: Lutecia Bodicia

    • Male:
    • Female: Danielle Sevilla

    • Male: Zoren Torto
    • Female: Iacio Gati

    • Male: Benett Tyler
    • Female: Angelia Alysa Nox

    • Male:
    • Female: Tara Anderson

    • Male:
    • Female: Sierria …

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  • ~Angel Wings~


    November 30, 2010 by ~Angel Wings~

    We need to improve this wiki. There's barely any pages or images at all, nothing about original characters or anything of the like, and not much activity. I think that we should add a background, make some changes, and try to be more active. Then-who knows? Maybe more people will come to this wiki and stay.

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