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Rosella's First Annual Hunger Games

Rosella6 October 9, 2011 User blog:Rosella6

Okay guys. And girls. I want you to try something for me. When submitting tributes, I want you to try to make a character up who you've NEVER used before.


TBA when I get half of my tributes.

Tributes' Submission form





Appearance (must include hair color, eye color, and general height i.e. tall, short):



Token (Required for a special purpose):

DO NOT give me history. Give me hints so that I can create the characters' history myself.

Please give me intriguing, but not crazy tributes. Thank you so much.


District 1:

District 2:

District 3:

District 4:

District 5:

District 6:

District 7:

District 8:

District 9:

District 10:

District 11:

District 12:

Reservations last 2 days. After that it's first come first serve. You may submit up to 4 tributes.

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