Hai! Speck here. You might have seen me before on other wikis. Maybe not. Whatever. Time for story time:

I art thou stumbled upon thy wiki *cough*

I stumbled to this wiki a while ago and it was quite active. I didn't actually join in because I didn't finish the series yet, so I left. Many months later, I had this idea for a fanfic after watching the Hunger Games film (which was 1000x epic, by the way) and there was no way to share it. Then I remembered this wiki and decided to come and see if I could try and post it here. The only thing I found was an inactive wiki with no activity for a while. The founder hasn't been active for like a month and the other admin hasn't been active for 2 months.

Where is everybody? :(

And if there IS someone, ANYBODY, please comment. I wanna know. If I could help this wiki out.

Kay, may the odds be ever in your favour, people.

InSpeck -Talk Page- 18:24, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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