• AwesomeSnow

    Perfection. That is what I see as I gaze pleasantly at my new Capitol.

    A city of power. A city of wealth. A city of justice.

    The door to my office opens. “Excuse me, Mr. President?”

    I turn and see Augustus standing in the doorway expectantly. “Yes?”

    I answer in a tone reflective of my good mood.

    “We’ve organized in the war room, sir. We’re awaiting your arrival.”

    “I’ll be there shortly.”

    Augustus smiles and closes the door. I take one last glance at my

    beautiful empire before affixing a fresh white rose to the lapel of my

    white suit. It is then that I truly begin to comprehend how my plans

    have gone full circle, with the help of recent events, that is. I must

    admit, however, I do regret having to assassinate the late President

    Raleigh. He was a good m…

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