Unknown is a series by Gigglesplash The Ranger's Apprentice II


When Skylar Brink is called to the Hunger Games,she is terrified beyond belief.Worse,when her friend Christopher is also called,she feels like her world is ending.But in the midst of it all,Skylar is hoping that somehow,someway,she can go home.

When Christopher Stone is called to be a Tribute in the Hunger Games alongside his friend Skylar,he is scarred to death.And as weird nightmares begin to appear,both tributes know only one thing for sure...

There is something worse than the Hunger Games.

And the Capitol isn't telling them everything.


The ArenaEdit

Skylar Brink and Christopher Stone are terrified of the Hunger Games,a bloody fight to the death that could end both their lives.And when Skylar begins having nightmares,are they just dreams,or are they something worse?

Dark DaysEdit

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