Thor Ashenwreath




The second district, the Electric District.


Knife, electricity




Anything knife, electric attacks, speed


Ally with Mrs. Pip




Mrs. Pip, blood-lust, gets sick easily


Currently alive

This article will be edited as The 1st Pokemon Hunger Games fan-fiction goes on.

Thor Ashenwreath the Pikachu is the Electric District male tribute for the 1st Pokemon Hunger Games. In the Games, his token is a purple sash that his mother gave him.


Thor seems very sensitive to the way some of the humans treat the District Pokemon. He loves his little sister, Tavia, and will try to protect his District partner and friend, Mrs. Pip. The Pikachu also seems to have little impatience to his escort, Mellion, his stylist, and his prep team. But he might just dislike them for being pro-trainer.


During the war between Pokemon and trainers, his ex-trainer, Twix, who had released the Ashenwreaths before the war even began, was a spy for the Pokemon cause. But due to the purple sash Twix always wore, she was caught sneaking away from the trainers camp, and was shot in the head. Thor's father, Rickson, died in a skirmish between some traders and their gaurds. When the trainers won the war, Thor and his family was sent to Professor Oak's for a time to train for the Hunger Games, where they met a Magneton named Mrs. Pip, who later became a close friend of the family. After training, the Ashenwreaths and Mrs. Pip were sent to the Electric District, and were classified as careers.


  • Rickson (Father, Deceased)
  • Mrs. Ashenwreath (Mother, Alive)
  • Tavia Ashenwreath (Little Sister, Alive)
  • Twix (Ex-trainer, Deceased)


    • Thor is named after the Viking god of thunder. I don't care if it's a stupid name for a Electric Pokemon...

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