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NOTE: This story is about Katniss and Peetas children being in the hunger games.

Main Charectars: Primrose Mellark Gale Mellark and Jasper Hathrowne. Chapter 1: "Prim wake up" My brother Gale is poking my arm trying to get my attention. "We have been called down to the courtyard for something." I get up, kick my brother out of my room and get dressed. "Good luck. You'll need it" mom hugged me and Gale and we went outside. I am much older than Gale. I am 16. He is 12. I look around to see millions of kids and then I see Jasper. He walks over to me and asks if I am okay. "No. I am shaking like mad." I look djfffown at Gale "look after him for me?" Jasper nodds and takes him away to where all the boys are. A lady wearing stupid clothes starts taking. "welcome district 2. I will announce the female tribute... Primrose Mellark!" I can't move. "Just like your mother and father Katniss and Peeta Mellark!" I cannot believe what I am hearing. I walk onto the stage. "Now the person with her will be... Jasper Hathrowne" Jasper looks shocked. I look shocked.

Chapter 2 (in script form)Edit

Prim: what?!

Jasper: where best friends... we can't kill each other!

Woman: well you have to! May the odds be in your favor!

Gale: Prim! What do I tell mom?

Prim: nothing, wait! Tell them I'll be fine

(Gale runs off, Prim and Jasper go with the woman and go into seprate rooms, Katniss, Peeta and Gale walk in)

Prim: mom! dad!

(Prim, Katniss and Peeta hug)

Prim: I'm going to get killed!

Katniss: that might not happen

Prim: might? wow mom that's helped me

Katniss: me and your dad where in the hunger games and we where fine

Prim: (coldy) yeah I heard

Peeta: you'll be fine....

Katniss: and what ever you do stick with Jasper

(A gaurd comes in)

Gaurd: Primrose we are leaving

Prim: bye!

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