The battle for Panem started when the Imperial Army once again attacked The capitol, for goods. But this time, from

Time: unknown

Battle between: Districts of Panem

Japanese Imperial Army.


D.P: Shinta Kuchiki


the districts. Then took the land, then built cities and towns.


After " The Arrival, Panem rebuilt the Capitol. Then after they wanted to pay back, the Imperial Army Returned. Then first, took out there spec ops. Second, sealed the Capitol with a laser dome- kind seal called "glassing". During the process, killed millons of citzens. Then when the process was done, all buildings, houses, and plants were all destoryed during the process, leaving the Captiol a Radiated Wasteland. The president was supposed to order the districts to fight back, but he got killed while heading to district 1. So the Mayor of District 13 Decided to fight back, with help of all Districts exept Disrict 1, which got glassed. So they trained, then had there first battle, at the district 7, however, got deafeated, and districted 7 got glassed. Then all Districts got glassed, exept District 13. So then they had a plan, that will suceed.

The final battleEdit

The Final battle took place at District 12. They had a they plan, to oit smart them. They knew what were used for glassing, which were these huge air ships, or "battle cruisers" First, using Hovercrafts, they shot them down, and with it's fast speed , the turrets and the cannons were no match for the hovercrafts. Then But the probelem was that there were air support vechicles, which were very fast ( 435 times faster then the speed of light ) with powerful guns. But they had back up. They ordered people piloting Helicopters into the woods, which the Aircrafts went too fast then crashed into trees. Then they took care of the Tanks with Hovercrafts, by moving around fast, when The tanks are a bit slow. ( 3 m per sceond) So they Blew them up by moving all over the place. Then they only ones left were the Support SUVs and the Infantry. So they stole one of there tanks, ( despite slowness, Very powerful cannon. ) And took out the SUVs. Then Killed all Infantry men with the skills. They won. They defeated The Imperial Army. Then they took back the land they used to own.


After the battle, the Imperial Army never tried to attack Panem Again.