Saige an 12 year old girl from district 2 trains for the hunger games the most ever when her sister Autumn abandoned her district to live in district 4. That year at the reaping the fourth quarter quell was around the corner. Saige unfortunatly got chosen and had slight faith in her that she can win for her sister and show that she is no ordinary, weak 12 year old girl from district 2. As the days past at the capitol, the tributes enter a training room to show their strenghts, so Saige thought it was the perfect time to shine. She made alies such as the female carrer tributes and other such as female from district 5 and girl from 7. During her own time, she grabbed a bow and a dozen arrows, aimed them, fired and hit them on point. The people around her were in shock and quite surprised. the girl for 4, an allie called her a "Sniper" because of her shots. When the games counted down, she felt more than faith, but a feeling of confident. As the cannon blew, she ran right for the bow and arrow and grabbed supplies. Do u think Saige will survive the 100th hunger games.....?


WARNING: this is only a made up story I wanted to make if katniss was not there to stop this. I dont take rude comments. Please no copying with names, story background etc.

Thank you :)

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