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The Hunger Games: Chronicles is a series written by KyofuMizu which aims to fill in the gaps of The Hunger Games while keeping everything Canon. That means there will be no Victor changes or extreme plot changes. You can request to Collab with me for a story, this is further explained in the Collab section

Let the Hunger Games Begin!Edit

The 25th Hunger GamesEdit

The 25th Hunger Games follows the tale of Ethan Minerva, an unlucky District 3 boy who gets voted for the First Quarter Quell. Ethan is the son of a Victor, but even that does not guarantee his survival in the Games.

It is currently being written by KyofuMizu

The 32nd Hunger Games (Heartfelt Tremors)Edit

The 32th Hunger Games follows the tale of Tremor a Career Tribute. Despite his Career status, he begins to feel remorse at the other Tributes. He is torn by his urge to survive and his reluctance to kill. But in the end, one questions is asked. Does a decent person ever win the Hunger Games?

It is currently in planning

The 44th Hunger Games (Volts)Edit

The 44th Hunger Games follows 18 year old, Beetee. Beetee thought that he was one of the lucky kids who never get into the games. This changes when he is reaped to participate in the 44th Hunger Games. Tributes win by swords and brute force, but will a genius like Beetee change that?

The 1st Business Games (P. Gimme)Edit

The 1st Business Games is founded by P. Gimme.

Collab InformationEdit

In order to do a collab story with me you have to:

  1. Have a account.
  2. Have an AIM for discussing the plot.
  3. Have good spelling and grammar.
  4. Have the ability to fill out a form
  5. Have a copy of Microsoft Word, Open Office or Pages

The form to apply can be posted on my talk page.


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