Book 1 of The Hunger Games by Gigglesplash.

Chapter 1Edit

I woke to find Prim crying.She must have had a nightmare.I also know she must have just woken,because if she had woken earlier she would have crawled in with our mother.I don't blame Prim.It was Reaping Day,and she was twelve.

I gently calmed Prim as best I could,and as she began to doze off,I planned to go hunting.As I opened the door,though,I was surprised to find someone waiting.Then I relaxed.


“What are you doin' here?"I asked casually.Usually I only met him out in the woods.He must have something special for me.

He opened his game back and pulled out a big loaf of bread.I was speechless.Why would Gale have brought me this?He must have seen my look of surprise,for he explained before I could ask : “I traded a squirrel for it.Thought you might like it."

“What's the catch?"I ask.If he brought food to my house,not to me out in the woods,he must want something.Or need something.

He shook his head.“No catch.Just bein' neighborly."

I snorted.“Yeah,okay."

“I am!"He protested.

“Sure."I rolled my eyes.“ many times is your name in today?"



Solemnly I take the bread to the kitchen and go back to talk with Gale.“Wanna go out?"He knew where I meant.The woods.

Technically we weren't supposed to be there.And we weren't supposed to hunt.It's illegal.But we had to,or we'd both be starved to death by now,along with our families.

We talking and hunted and made well of it,too.We caught some rabbits and two squirrels,which we traded at the Hob.Gale and I said good-bye there.We'd see each other later at the Reaping.

Effie Trinket always pulled the names of Distrcct 12.And,as always,she squealed “Ladies first!" before drawing the name.My heart pounded.“Katniss Everdeen!"Effie called.

Slowly,silently,I stepped up.Prim broke down crying in the crowd.Gale wouldn't look me in the eye.Then Effie went to the other ball and pulled a name.

“Peeta Mellark!"

I knew the name.He wouldn't remember me,but I knew him.At least,I didn't think he would know me.

Then her turned and looked me straight in the eye.

The only thing I saw there,was recognition,and terror.

Chapter 2Edit

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