Part of the 23 Ways to Be Dead series by Arti

Prologue Edit

At 18 years old I thought this new Hunger Games thing wouldn't hurt me. I'd be in this Reaping and then out forever. I was an only child and I planned never to marry.

I'm not one of the crazy Believer people who prance around the square squaking about Fate and Gods until the Peacekeepers come and beat them. I work hard to earn money and train hard to make myself stronger. I have a pretty good life.

My Dad owns one of the biggest water towers in town, so everyone is head over heels to pay him so they can store the water they mine in it. So we were better off than most. And with a small family? Even better.

So when they called my name at the Reaping, my reaction was completely normal. Who'd have thought it? I just stood there and laughed.

Eventually I got it wasn't a joke and took my place. The girl I was going in with I didn't know very well, I didn't care.

I looked out over my District and at the TV screens surronding the square and definately at the vulture like cameras perched around me.

And I laughed some more.

Chapter 1 Edit

My stylist and mentor, who so rarely ever agreeed on anything had told me the exact same thing.

'Don't get yourself killed!"

I snickered. What useless advice! Words. A flap of the lips, a breath, a gust of the wind, and they are gone.

I stood on my plate. I was big enough to be scary and menacing to the others and I knew I had sponsers. People were betting on me winning. I was the biggest in this dump. I didn't bother to look around the arena. My eyes were on the huge golden horn thing. I was going to get there and get the best stuff before anyone else! Then I could just sit somewhere, wait for the others to kill themselves off or die out and then go after the others. Then I'd be back to home.

Not like anyone would care of course. Which would be why I'd be living in the Victor's Village all alone without my parents. It'd be great.

The others looked like they were counting down, waiting for the gong so they could run the heck away. Not me. I was planning to go in the opposite direction.

You'll be a tough kid, My father had always told me. When you grow up you'll have everything you want. Money and jewels and girls...

Of course then I had landed here. But no big thing, I'd win the Games then go home. This was just merely a vacation.

The other Tributes were mouthing now. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...


Chapter 2Edit