Blurb: Brooke Evans and Baden Layne have to fight in the Hunger Games. With the assistance of the well-known couple Katniss and Peeta, they are the main targets. Their family needs for them to win. If they don't, events will occur that could start up another rebellion, the last thing that Panem needs.

Contestants Edit

District 1- Titi and Kai

District 2- May and Lukas

District 3- Maya and Karon

District 4- Reese and Cole

District 5- Layla and m]Miles

District 6- Sophia and Pete

District 7- Emma and Noah

District 8- Bella and Oliver

District 8- Magpie and Poppy

District 9- Bumble and Jay

District 10- Mason and Ava

District 11- Briar and Lion

District 12- Brooke and Baden

Chapter 1: Broken Edit

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