The 76th Annual Hunger Games is written by CureKanade and is written in the perspective of Violet Swift, who is a tribute from District 11.


The arena will be like a desert, hot during the day and cold during the night. The cornucopia will be surrounded by thick layer of mud, which can suck you under in a matter of seconds and the mud has really thick bushes surrounding it. After the mud and bushes, there is nothing in sight except an empty hut, unless the tributes have the guts to walk a couple of kilometers in boiling heat to find shelter. Mutts include: swarms of killer birds which have poison inside of their beaks, ants that are the size of ants and kill things with a single bite and a snake like monster that hunts around the river and the thick mud.


  • Violet is the main character
District Female Age Male Age
1 Jewel 12 Spark 18
2 Livia 16 Club 15
3 District 3 Girl 13 District 3 Boy 13
4 Aqua 15 Shark 17
5 District 5 Girl 16 Power 18
6 District 6 Girl 13 District 6 Boy 17
7 Pine 15 White 18
8 Brookie 16 District 8 Boy 17
9 Bee 13 District 9 Boy 18
10 District 10 Girl 16 District 10 Boy 15
11 Violet Swift 14 Whistle 17
12 Clover 16 Coal 18
Capitol Rosalie 14 Limit 17

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