Macie's P.O.V.Edit

I ran the whole block while tears streamed down my face. How? Why? Which is real or fake? I didn't know! Have I been fed with lies all my life? Did Connor know? Did all of them? If so, then why? Why did they lie? I couldn't believe it. I remember the days when the truth nearly unraveled itself in front of me. . .

It was a sunny day when I was five, I was with Mom, carrying our little cat we named Butter since he was like the dead cat named Buttercup, my face so wide-eyed and innocent.

Old Rooba passed by Mom and I as we walked to the Mellark Bakery to meet up with Dad. "Katniss!" She exclaimed happily, "Oh, here's the little victor who won over the Rebellion. How are you doing?"

I tugged on Mom's hand with my free hand. "Mom, what does she mean about you in the Rebellion? And what's a victor?"

Mom glared at old Rooba and carried me, walking away as she passed by Rooba, whispering in something I didn't understand. "Not safe. We'd be discovered."

I haven't known. Yet, never have I knew the truth. "Macie!" Kirt yelled from behind me, obviously far away and being drowned out by the rain. I ran faster, and faster, until not a single yell could be heard from my back. I was at the train station now, no longer waiting for the train. I ran on the railing, and boy, was it slippery! It was hard, making sure I'd hit only the cement rather than metal, or else I'd hit my face if I ever had ever slipped.


Kirt's P.O.V.Edit

I chase after her in the slippery rain. I knew how dangerous it was to run in the rain, pneumonia, slip and break your skull or scrape your knees and hands, get struck by lightning. But I knew if this rain will ever clear up Peacekeepers will demand which District she came from. And will ask why she was here. Who her family was, that was the worst.

I called after her again. I was panting now. this was definitely hard work out. I ran faster now, fast enough to catch up with her, I was only a few feet away when I touched her shoulder.;


She punches me in the chest so hard, I stumble back and slip. "Kirt!" She screamed in terror before my head hits the thick railing.