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Shot in 500Edit

The 500th games is the start of the "New Games Era" created by Gamemaker Lucina Abate and approved by President Luna Snow. Lucina's idea is to add firearms to the games and add more tributes. This is told by the perspective of Frai Dawn and Triste Dawn one goes in the games, one stays home hoping that her sister wins the games. What other changes will the Quarter Quell have? You shall learn now...

Frai and TristeEdit

District 7. Many trees from Maple to Pine, Apple and Dogwood and Oak and Blackjack and Panem Woodback and... oh, I'm getting carried away. What a beautiful place. I just wish it wasn't part of Panem. Panem, you know, the country with the Hunger Games. I heard the other country's out here don't have anything like this. I've heard that people from other country's pleed with Panem to stop, but I guess after 500 years there is no way it'll stop will stop. Killing 24 children a year. The thing is the Capitol Children don't have to face this. Only us. The children from the 12 districts. The thing is, this year the "New Game Era" is starting. 60 children will be put into the games for now on, and some other changes such as Firearms. I'm so scared. I don't want to be picked for this! Oh, I have explained so much without even telling my name. Frai, Frai Dawn. I also have a little sister named Triste. Triste is one of the kindest girls in the world, only a month younger then me. She is always happy, 12 years old. I'm 13. Tomorow's the reaping meaning me and my sister have to go to the reaping and hope that we aren't reaped. No one wants to be a tribute. Well, atleast I have one more day of safety. I hope I'll be safe for another year...

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