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Not actual appearance. sketch is coming soon

age: 17

occupation: Assitant Peacekeeper, tribute, and student.

home: District 5

gender: Male

hight :177cm

weapon: crossbow

fate: Alive.

nicknames: Kuchiki-San ( by family) Shin, ( by freinds )

Samuel ( by capitol)

Shinita Kuchiki (信太朽木, Kuchiki Shinta) is the winning tribute of the 90th hunger games.

He is also he first Japanese (orgin) Tribute in any hunger games.


He has a split hair style, with dark blue hair (loooks black) and he has framless glasses. He also weres a peice keeper's uniform, just with no helmet

personailty Edit

He is solitary,and a cold person. He does not have freinds.He survied solo.


At the 90th hunger games, a error happened, and the biome was desert. But up was on a hill, at the east of the arena, was a forest, with very tall trees.( 468 feet) and the cornucopia was sorrounded by lava. He took skill as a marksmen. He was almost killed, due to back-stab attacks. But won, with hand- to hand battle.


Sora Kuchiki ( older brother.)

Satoshi Kuchiki ( Father)

Unknown Mother.

skills and abilites.Edit

High Intelliegence: Using his Intelligence , he makes strategies.

crossbow skills: He is a real marksmen with the crossbow. He is also good ith rifles.

fast movemevnt: Or stealth. He is very fast .

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