Ronald Thorn

Full Name

Ronald Thomas Tambrey Thorn






Best with long-ranged weapons (e.g. Scythes, Tridents, and bow). Good with Traps.

Hair Color

Auburn Red; with black streaks

Eye Color

Emerald Green




May 16


Ron Ronny (by Fuji)

'Punk Boy' (Careers)



'Ronald Thomas Tambrey Thorn, or Ronald Thorn, is a tribute from District 5 in the 399th Hunger Games.


Ronald has auburn red hair with fierce black streaks. He has eyes the mixture of Teal and yellow, thus making it Emerald Green in appearance. He often uses a red and yellow scarf (that appears to be like the Gryffindor's scarf) that conceals his scar in the left side of the neck. He usually wears a cashmere waist-length jacket and red polo shirt. He has an olive skin. Rather very handsome.


He is the serious type, and he doesn't really laugh much. He is very serious at things, and he is often influenced by other's opinions. He kills if requires, and he represents a mad style for killing, but even though he is like that, he has a good heart to the people he loves.


Their family in District 5 makes herbs and medicines, but his mother died from eating a nightlock, which she thought was a harmless berry and was to let the children eat. When their mother died, they became poor. Soon Ronald learned to make medicines himself and make food for them, and soon signed up too for tessarae for their 5-children family and one ruthless father. He is the second oldest, and the oldest is a Peacekeeper. Soon they became rich, through Ronald's ambition to keep them all alive. Because of his many acquired tessarae, he entered when he was age 15, with 40 slips of his name on it. He then leaves his family, and saying to his older brother that if he doesn't come back, sign each of them for one tessarae, so his brothers and sisters could live.


When he is with the Careers in the 399th Hunger Games, he uses the Lure strategy and when the Careers see this, they show no mercy. When he breaks down his alliance to them, he uses the Hit-and-Run strategy until he finds another alliance with another tribute.

Known Family/RelationshipEdit

Name Relation to Ron
Francis Thomas Thorn I Father
Francis Thomas Thorn II Elder brother
Lissa Thorn Younger Sister
Charles 'Charlie' Thorn Younger Brother
Chang Thorn Younger Brother
Narcissa Thorn (nee Cho) Mother
Susan Miranda Cho Maternal Aunt (once a tribute)
Narcissa Monte Cho Maternal Aunt


His first name, Ronald, is of the Norse origin meaning, ruler. His name is from the Harry Potter Series, who is 'Ronald Weasley' and it is also known that the Thorn family is also like the Weasley family, through having many male but a few female, like Lissa, who is the first female to be born in generations to the Thorn family.

His third first name, Tambrey, is a name for girls, but it means immortal. His second first name, Thomas, was carried out through all the boys in the family, because it is a trend for the family tree. The name of the girls, Lissa and Narcissa, is carried out too, through the names that end with sa.