Basic informationEdit

Full name: Rhoda Savage Marlfaex

Nickname(s): Rhody, odd-eyes

Age: 16

District: 12

Skills: Guns and knives

Hair color: Black

Eye color: One blue, one green

Height: 5’5”

Birthday: September 20th

Evaluation score: 7


In the Seam, Rhoda typically wears jean shorts and an old T-shirt with grease stains on it. (She works with her dad at his auto body.) Her hair is always worn straight.


Rhoda is a shadowy, clever girl who prefers to let her sister do the talking for her. She is also very calm and has a lot of patience. After all, she helped raise her younger sister Abby, age 14. And if anyone messes with Abby they'll have to go through RHODA first. In addition, Rhoda has taken out tesserae in the past although Abby has done it more.

Known FamilyEdit

Adrian Marlfaex- Father

Abigail 'Abby' Marlfaex- younger sister

Jane Savage Marlfaex- mother (deceased)