The Peace keeper special operation force or commonly known as Peace keeper Spec Ops or P.S.F is a special force, used for special battles or crimes.They were the ones that bombed District 13. They have very powerful armor, and weapons.( stronger then normal peace keepers armour or weapon.)


It's rank is from Private to general.

Recruit( rank 0)

Private( rank 1)

Sergeant ( rank 2)

Specialist ( rank 3 )

Lieutenant ( rank 4)

Captain( rank 5)

Major ( rank 6)

Lieutenant Colonel ( rank 7)

Colonel ( rank 8)

Major General: (rank 9)

Lieutenant General ( rank 10)

General ( rank 11)

Inspector General (rank 12)

Head of MOD (rank 13 final [Ministy of Defense])


Assult rifles

DMR ( Defined marksmens rifle.)

Sniper riifles



RPG ( rocket propellered gun)

Rocket Launchers

type- 25 direct energy rifle

type 31 rifle


High- armored hummers

M4 Abram tanks

Type 32 motercycles with sidecar turret.

type 24 truck missle gun carriage.

winged double propellered type UH 144 helicopter


type 77 troop carrier dropship .