Mepetra Runrose is the male tribute from District 2. He is a tribute for the 72nd Hunger Games.


Mepetra has light blond hair, blue eyes, and a gleaming smile. Living in District 2, you would think he is a clean freak, but he is a dirty freak (read more in personailty). Mepetra has a cut shaped like a mockingjay on his cheek. It's not that visible. Mepetra wore his tribute token all the time after he got it, it was a replica of the solid gold mockingjay pin, that the infamous Katniss Everdeen, tribute and victor for the 74th Hunger Games, had had.


Mepetra spends most of his time outside, making a mess of himself, much to his mothers despise. He doesn't care about anything anyone has to say about him, he believes he is amazing, he doesn't care what others say.


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