Lily Everdeen is Katniss Everdeen's younger sister, and Gale Hawthorne's wife.

The Hunger GamesEdit

I wake up to Buttercup, Prim's foul cat, hissing in my face. I push him off and wait for Katniss to wake up. Prim is sleeping with our mother. Of course, she is. This is the day of the reaping. I prop myself off, and see the two huddling together. In sleep, my mother looks younger, still worn, but not as beaten-down. Prim's face is as fresh as a raindrop, almost lovelier than the primrose for which she was named. My mother was very beautiful, long ago. Or so they tell me. My glance at Buttercup. He is honestly the world's ugliest cat, with a mushed-in nose,

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