This is the story of how Timber Wood ended up in the 64th Hunger Games.Movies and Popcorn 01:29, March 10, 2011 (UTC)


Those seconds before the gong rings, those stressful seconds before the gong rings are agonizing yet I some how manage to keep my nerves under control I do it for Hayley, I do it for life.

The ReapingsEdit

As the sun rises I slowly open my eyes. From my small window I watch as the sun peaks through the huge pine forest. For a moment I feel peace then I remember today is the reapings.

My family is huge, with 9 people to feed I have to hunt soon because Jamie gets very cranky without breakfast. I think about waking 13 year old Twigs but decide against it he deserves rest.

I go out and hunt in the forest, believe it or not animals are all over the place but since I have hatchets and axes I can only hunt deer. I catch a doe and a large rabbit before I pick some berries then strawberries,finally I go home its almost 3 and the reapings are at 4. When I get home little Hayley is sitting on the counter in a small blue dress with a blue bow in her hair. "Hello Tim,"

"Ugh, Hayley we agreed that if you call me Tim I get to call you... Cutie," Its true Hayley is the sweetest thing ever, so sweet and inoccent. She is 12 and this is her first reaping. Mom is up cooking breakfast and happy to see me holding the dead deer. If you want to meet my family all at once this is the only time to get us, breakfast. It goes in age order Jamie is 2, Pine is 5, Leafs is 7, Hayley is 12, Twigs is 13, I'm 15, Penelope is 19, and Blossum is 21 and she moved away. My parents have a traditon that all boys should be named after a part of tree or tree.

We eat and talk but then little Pine says something that makes us all shut up, "Whos going to be reaped?". I have almost 80 slips in the glass bowl. most likely it would be me.

No one answers him so Pine gives up. We walk to the town hall and take positons. Johanna is sitting up on the stage, she only won 2 years ago. The pixie like escort, Twinkle Patner comes on stage. She reads a list of winners, we have 6 one of them died last year. "Well ladies first," She stuck her hand deep into the girls and pulled out a name. "Hayley Wood," right then and there I panic. I spot Hayley walking up strong and tall even though tears are spilling from her face. No one volunteers. Then, Twinkle runs across stage and picks a name, "Bernard Bark," without thinking I yell out, "I volunteer," Hayley starts sobbing,