Lacey Quince

Lacey Quince is a tribute from District One in the 100th Hunger Games. She's fourteen when she's picked along side Jasper Gems.'


Lacey is a shy girl who hates violience. She's very flirty and smart, which helps her in the arena. She's also quick-thinking and always has an answer for nearly everything. She's also giving which could take her life at anymoment. She's very diffrent from all the other girls from her District.


Lacey has teal hair and ivory skin. Weirdly, She doesnt wear a lot of make-up like Glimmer did. She has teal-green hazel eyes.


It is known that Lacey's father is indeed dead. She used to hide this from many people, knowing that she'd be made fun of. The only person who didnt make fun of it was Jasper, who she loved from the beginning. She doubted he'd like her so she just never took the chance. It is known that her oldest sister, Peridot, was killed in the 98th games. She was killed by someone from District 12. It's also known that she was jealous of her sisters Peridot and Alexandrite because at one time or another went out with him. Lacey was named after a jewel, Just like her sisters. Her jewel was Lace Agate. She is said to have three more sisters besides Peridot and Alexandrite.


  • ~Mother~ Tourmaline Quince
  • ~Older Sister~ Lapis Quince
  • ~Older Sister~ Pyrite Quince
  • ~Older Sister~ Hematite Quince
  • ~Father~ Eye Liner (XD, Jk) Unnamed