Ichigo Small is the girl tribute from District 11. She is the daughter of Andromeda Small and Eros Small.

During the GamesEdit

Ichigo showed the gamemakers how she could jump tree to tree (Yes, Just as Rue could. Only it didnt matter HOW far the trees were from eachother.). She recived a nine.


  • ~Mother~ Andromeda Small
  • ~Father~ Eros Small
  • ~Twin Sister~ Mint Small.

Her nameEdit

Her name means strawberry in Japanese. Her last name means Small in English.


Her main enemy is Harlequin and the rest of the careers.

District Token.Edit

Her district token is a flower charm on a grass-weaved chain.


Chi has blonde hair, brown eyes, and ivory skin. She's small, a little taller then Harlequin. She found armor the first day of the games and wears that (The armor is shown in her first picture.).


Currently Unknown.

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