Hayve Halfwintercall is a male tribute from District 10. He was 17 years old when he won the games, and worked with his father in a cattle farm. Hayve's mother died because of a pod that sent an arrow through her brain. Hayve is the victor of the 58th Hunger Games. He won with his knowledge of cattle, as the other tributes were killed when his ally, Maia Ertradgodn of District 11, opened a gate and let 500 raging cattle out onto the arena. She died in this and placed 14th.

After Hayve won the games, he let his father live with him. Their talent became clothes designing, and they became stylists for tributes of District 10.


Hayve has tanned skin, purple hair and eyes. He usually wears a large straw hat and airy white clothes.

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