Harlequin Acan, Just she has teal eyes

Harlequin Acan is the tribute from District One for the 100th Hunger Games (Angel's Version, not Lenobia's.)


Harlequin's Stratagy is to make everyone feel horrible for her. Once they come close, Their throat's slit before they can even tell what's going on. Harlequin also is apart of the Career Pack.


Harlequin has chocolet-colored hair, Teal-brown eyes, and light skin. She wears shorts or jeans and a wife-beater with a jacket, Where she keeps her knives. She's tiny, making her an easily look-out for the career's camp.


At first, Harlequin seems like a little, Helpless girl that couldn't hurt a fly, Muchless kill someone. But behind her innocent face, Is a vicious killer. It's easy to like her. It's easy to make an allience with her, But you'll always be the one who ends up with the knife in your back.



During the gamesEdit

For her training score, She scored a perfect 12. What she showed the gamemakers remains a mystry, To everyone exepct the careers. What she did show them was her sword, archery, and many other skills. She also can dodge an arrow and whatever else is sent her way, 50% of the time.


It's unknown why her parents named her Harlequin. In some places the name means "Cold-hearted" or "The Killer" which meant that her parents had high standards for her.


Her weaknesses are people who scare her and could outsmart her. Her land weaknesses is water.