the tributes Edit

district 1 male: duath 

district 2 female: queen 

district 3 male: jekrey 

district 3 female:tease 

district 4 male: koman 

district 4 female: kemad 

district 5 male: loos 

district 5 female: neevee  

district 6 male: ketry 

district 6 female: lizami 

district 7 male: kaideen 

district 7 female: himshay 

district 8 male: larson 

district 8 female: edemia 

district 9 male:zeek 

district 9 female: miokii 

district 10 male:ziomak  

district 10 female: karemey

district 11 male: jeeh 

district 11 female: rekmah 

district 12 male: mockingjee 

district 12 female: hameeki  

district 13 male tribute: yorekke 

district 13 female tribute: yumai

the arena Edit

the arena of this year was a forest full of rivers,there were creatures like wild dogs,wild cats,eagles and even killer birds,there where lot of threes 

relationships between tributes Edit

miokii and mockinjee turned into friends at the training center,they make a perfect team

turns out jeeh and rekmah like eachother but jeeh is allied with zeek and edemia and rekmah has an alliance with the careers  

zeek said to hameeki that he kinda likes kemad the district 4 female 

hameeki is in an alliance with lizami and himshay 

the fallen at first dayEdit

zeek (drowned at the water around the cornucopia) 

lizami (shot by miokii with a bow and arrow at the chest and at the neck) 

tease (did not knew how to swim and drowned at the water around the cornucopia) 

mockingjee (was too weak and couldn't take an arrow to the knee) 

himshay (killed by a wild dog pack) 

karemey (swimed to a sea of vicious baracuda mutts triying to run away from the career pack) 

edemia (got killed by vicious bird mutts) 

yumai (killed by kemad in a fist to fist battle) 

yorekke (killed by a vicious eagle mutt by trying to steal its eggs)

duath (killed by a wild boa mutt stealing the suplys at the cornucopia the boa attacked him while he was swimming back to shore) 

10 LEFT :O  

the feast Edit

a feast has been called 

the tributes make a go for it 

the fallen at the feast Edit

jekrey (killed by hameeki by taking an arrow to the neck twice) 

kemad (killed by a wandering wild wolf pack) 

loos (killed by the same wolf pack that killed kemad) 

queen (killed by neevee while triying to run away with the bag of neevee's district) 

ziomak (killed by neevee in a bloody battle resulting in death because internal and external bleeding)

5 LEFT 0.o  

the disaster Edit

a flood happened followed by an strike of deadly sea scorpion mutt strike 

the fallen because of the disaster  Edit





the victor Edit