The establishment of Panmem was a event at around the 6000s. It was the year that the that Panem was established.

Establishment of Panem

Year: 6000s.

constants: The Panem Rebillon VS The United Union of America.

outcome: Panem rebillon victory

aftermath: Panem is estabilished, and the fall United Union Of America .

History is changed.

The battle Wasington D.CEdit

​Not official information. The United States is not    the United Union of America.

The Penam Rebillon have taken all the American citys and Military Installation. Now the Militray have now all arrived. The Panem rebillon was losing at first, but as soon as reinforcements came, with aircraft, they layed a siege at the white house. This went on for 3 days, then the rebels barged the white house, and killed the president, and the others. Then they razed all the buildings, then built the Capitol. After, Canada surrendered, Besides Mexico. Then the new Era began.

After Edit

10 years later , The Capitol planned to attack Europe,Asia, Africa, and South America. But that planned failed when the plan was forgotten cause of a fire .Then Years later, the people called the place, the "unkown reigons." Then they never thought of going there again, ever since all explores never returned.