My name is Nikiti Harson, Niki for short. I live in District 12. I will probably die in the next few days. I am a contestant in the 25th Hunger Games, known as the Quarter Quell.

Chapter 1Edit

I wake up on the morning of the reaping early, as usual. Who could sleep? My younger twin brothers, Lyle and Corus, were asleep. They were lucky. 8 years old. A day off of school. Me, on the other hand, not so much. I was 13 years old, signed up for 4 tesserae, and a small kid. If I ever got called for the reaping, I was in a slag heap of trouble. I wished that my mom was here now. Stupid mine accident. I kicked at the floor. Ow. That didn't help my feelings. I slipped on my boots and walked out the door. You ask why I'm doing this? Well, I'm going to hunt. I'm probably not the last to hunt, and probably not the first. Hunting was a means of survival here in 12, as long as you didn't get caught. Then, it was a means of your death. I slipped under the - almost always off - electric fence and walked to a hollow log which contained a bow and arrows, a knife, and spear; not like I would need all of these. I grabbed the arrows and knife, and walked off into the woods.