Daniel Berlitz is another major character in Worlds Collide. He and his sister are from the Capitol, and they are two of twenty-four Capitol children reaped for the Seventy-sixth (final) Hunger Games.

He is killed by Crystalline on the fifth day. He is the eighteenth to die, putting him in sixth place. His sister comes second- she and Toro destroy each other at the same time, leaving Ella to take first place.

Daniel has dark skin and dark hair, with hazel eyes. He is pretty much a male Rue, except he has a black swirling tattoo covering the right side of his face.

He can use a sword and bow pretty well, though his best skill is throwing knives and hand-to-hand combat. He is the one who kills Octavia's daughter, Lilia, on the third day. Lilia is his only known intentional kill. Although he has killed others accidentally, such as through testing the force field like Katniss, Beetee, Haymitch and others did.