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This Cornucopia bloodbath occurred during the 78th Hunger Games of SHG.

Notes on the deaths:
Names District Killed by Cause(s) of Death Weapon(s) used for Murder Reason (Circumstances) Placing Time in Arena
- 8 "Gutter", 2 Abdomen slashed Sword Race to Cornucopia 24th 18 seconds
- 3 Foxx Hevamire, 4 Arrow at back Bow and arrow(s) To protect friend Acile Trenston 23rd 27 seconds
Frenti Hornster 6 Unknown Dart at neck Dart blower and dart(s) Bloodbath 22nd 42 seconds
Erhtan 6 Stractoshark Mauled Teeth Traps by Gamemakers 21st 51 seconds
Jenor 8 Unknown Stabbed in abdomen Sword Bloodbath 20th 64 seconds
- 7 Unnamed, 5 Bloodbath 19th 72 seconds
- 9 Unknown Bloodbath 18th
- 9 "Gutter", 2 Bloodbath 17th
- 10 Unknown Bloodbath 16th
- 3 Unknown Bloodbath 15th
- 11 Unnamed, 2 Bloodbath 14th
- 2 Unknown Bloodbath 13th
- 5 Unknown Bloodbath 12th

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