Basic Information:Edit

Name: Bennett Tyler

Nickname(s): Sly Ben, the Wolf from 6, Mr. Freeze

Age: 17

District: 6

Skills: Swords

Hair color: Platinum Blond

Eye color: Blue

Height: 6’1”

Birthday: July 8th

Evaluation score: 11


Bennett typically wears a white t-shirt and black sweatpants at home, the typical outfit of a spoiled career tribute. His hair is cropped short, and he has a tattoo of a howling wolf on his right arm.


Bennett is cunning and hateful; his chief strategy is to befriend the younger tributes, get them to trust him and then murder them while they sleep. Bennett starts the fight over the cornucopia, and gets away with a cutlass and a semiautomatic deer gun.

Known FamilyEdit

George Tyler- Father

Judith Marlowe Tyler- mother (divorced)

Nathaniel ‘Nate’ Tyler- brother (deceased)

Cynthia Tyler-sister