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My name is clay temple smith of district 2 . The district of warriors and savages .But its not home to me . I was born and raised in district 13. What used to be called new york. But now its in ruin from the bombs that still go of today . Now I'm in a game. A game of death. But I was not voted in . Im here because i volunteered. END OF PROLOUGE . CHAPTER 1, COUNTDOWN . As the tributes are lauched they see the the ruin of district 13 . the contents in the cornucopia include , machine guns , shot guns , handguns, first aid kits, canned food , iodine , emtyy water bottles , grenades , and grenade launchers . Clay is in the middle of the line of pedestals , 3 Tributes of his left is his partner . When he sees the arena hess in tears . the countdown is almost over , 10 , 9 ,8 ,7 , suddenly his sadness turns to rage , a rage of pure hatred of the capitol , he has one thing on his mind , ill kill everyone , he thinks , 5 , 4 , 3, 2, 1. Let the games begin . End of chapter one , tomorrows chapter , blood bath .

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