Alisa Timbre
District 7
Vital Statistics
Full Name Alisa Daisy Timbre
District 7
Age 13
Skills/Weapon {{{skills/weapon}}}
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'2"
Birthday February 27th
Nickname(s) "Lis"
Fate {{{fate}}}
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Alisa Timbre is a tribute for the 34th Hunger Games.


Alisa has brown hair that's cut just under her chin. Due to living in District 7 and therefore working at an early age, she has very caloussed hands and bruised arms. She has dark eyes like the rest of her family and is slightly tan from working outside. She has a strong upperbody but very weak legs.



  • Hank Timbre (Father)
  • Rose Timbre (Mother)
  • Willow Timbre (Older Sister)
  • Apple Timbre (Younger Sister)

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